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Presented by The Acme Mystery Company
All Shows Start at 7pm

Tickets can be purchased by calling 315-823-3000

Tickets are $55 per person which includes the show, dinner, tax & tip

Friday May 6th sold out
 Friday May 20th sold out


The Tortellini Corner Market is small but proud with a distinctive fragrance, just like its owner, Papa Tortellini. Lately, life is “notta so good” for Papa. Supermarket giant Price Slasher has him in its cross-hairs as does Harry Graft, the health inspector, Mama Celeste, his wife, as well as some other shady characters. Mama mia! Papa’s counting on you and the other loyal employees of the market to come through. Don’t be late for the meeting. Papa will put the “evil eye” on you!

Friday June 3rd sold out

High on a hill died a lonely goatherd and some people around the Abbey are beginning to get the idea that sweet little Maria just might be a budding serial killer. Is she now at sixteen, going on seventeen? What exactly are her favorite things? Mother Abbess and her new assistant, Sister Adolph, are calling in all nuns and townsfolk to decide what to do. Even the pompous Captain Von Trampp and his bratty children will be there. Don’t be late. You don’t want Sister Adolph shaking her carrot at you.

Friday July 8th
Friday July 22nd
Show Title TBA

How it works...
Seating is at 7pm. Tables are set up for groups of 6 or 8 up to about 12 people.   If you are a smaller group you may be seated with other guests.   Being in a group setting makes the event more interesting as you share clues etc. 

When you are seated the first course will be on the table… salad & fresh breads served with tapenade, hummus & butter. The cast is mingling with the guests, in character, and you are free to ask them questions, check for clues at your table or other tables. About 20 minutes in… the first act begins.

Following the first act we serve dinner which is presented family style with platters of roast beef, grilled chicken, whipped potatoes, rice pilaf and pasta (chef’s choice, either Macaroni & Cheese OR Pasta with Marinara,  vegetables, basil oil, parmesan cheese)

Refills are offered. Then the next act starts.

At the conclusion of the second act we serve dessert, our flourless chocolate cake 'Death by Chocolate' with fresh berry sauce. The shows conclusion follows with awards for best/worst picks on who-done-it. The entire event lasts just less than 3 hours. It's a ton of fun and best enjoyed with a group of people.

Tickets are available by calling the castle at 315-823-3000.
  Thank you!!

Tickets are $55 per person
The ticket price includes the show, family style dinner, tax, and tip.
($18 for the show, $29.31 dinner, $2.42 sales tax, $5.27 tip)

Ticket Purchases are non-refundable

Our  next Murder Mystery dinner theater shows are

Friday May 6th sold out
 Friday May 20th sold out

Friday June 3rd sold out
Friday July 8th
Friday July 22nd

call the Castle for tickets
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"One of Central New York's architectural and historic treasures"
Tickets are available by calling the castle at 315-823-3000.