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$47 per person* includes the show, dinner, tax and tip.

Friday April 20 SOLD OUT
Friday May 11 SOLD OUT
Saturday May 12 SOLD OUT
Murder is so terribly impolite but that's the problem everyone's favorite nanny, Mary Popouts, must face. The children have grown up but Michael's rise to the top of the Dependable Depository Bank has left a trail of mysterious deaths in its wake. How terribly rude! Is Michael a murderer? Is Bart, the chimney sweep, cleaning up? What exactly does sister Jane do in the evenings? Or is there something extra special in Mary's magical bag? Be there when Scotland Yard crashes Michael's surprise party. Though practically perfect in every way, Mary Popouts will need your help!

Friday June 8
Saturday June 9
The Y-Files: Where are the Cows?
Sheriff Shelly Moganagle is calling an emergency town meeting for you and everybody else in Pine Bluffs to try and figure out where in the heck all these cows are disappearing to. Roland McBurger's new hamburger joint? Cattle rustlers? Down at the Crazy Kegger folks are saying it's alien cow abduction! The Sheriff is taking no chances and has called in the FBI. Be there when Special Agents Molding and Sulky arrive. They'll need all the help they can get.

How it works...
Seating is at 7pm. Tables are set up for groups of 6 or 8 up to about 12 people.   If you are a smaller group you may be seated with other guests.   Being in a group setting makes the event more interesting as you share clues etc. 

When you are seated the first course will be on the table… salad & fresh breads served with tapenade, hummus & butter. The cast is mingling with the guests, in character, and you are free to ask them questions, check for clues at your table or other tables. About 20 minutes in… the first act begins.

Following the first act we serve dinner which is presented family style with platters of roast beef, pan roast chicken, whipped potatoes, rice pilaf & pasta with marinara, vegetables and shredded parmesan. Refills are offered. Then the next act starts.

At the conclusion of the second act we serve dessert, our flourless chocolate cake 'Death by Chocolate' with raspberry sauce. The shows conclusion follows with awards for best/worst picks on who-done-it. The entire event lasts just less than 3 hours. It's a ton of fun and best enjoyed with a group of people.

Tickets * are available by calling the castle at 315-823-3000.
  Thank you!!

* $47 per person  includes the show ($15) dinner ($25) tax and tip ($7)
Ticket Purchases are non-refundable

Our  next Murder Mystery dinner theater shows are

Friday April 20 SOLD OUT
Friday May 11 SOLD OUT
Saturday May 12 SOLD OUT
Friday June 8
Saturday June 9
Friday July 13
Friday August 17
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Tickets are available by calling the castle at 315-823-3000.