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Summer Beer List   rev. 6/7/17
Scores: BA:  “BeerAdvocate.com” Score     RB: “RateBeer.com” 
%abv:   alcohol by volume

American Double Imperial Pilsner
Jack’s Abby Mass Rising–Mass. 8%abv 95BA 8.

Witbier/Wheat Ale
Ommegang ‘Witte’ Belgian Wheat  5.2%abv  6.
Westbrook White Thai Witbier w/lemongrass/ginger 5% abv 7.
Allagash White –Maine  5% abv 91RB/99style  6.
Bell’s Oberon –Mi 5.8%abv 97RB-style 16oz. 6.
Mikkeller Wit Fit 6.2% 97RB-style –Pa. 6.

American Pale Wheat Ale
Lagunitas Lil’Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale –Ca. 7.5%abv 94BA 6.


Long Trail Ale –Vt. 4.6%abv 4.

Gose / Sours / wild ale

Westbrook Gose -S.Carolina  4%abv 96-ratebeer 6.50
Evil Twin ‘Sour Bikini’ –NY  3%abv 88BA 7.
Stillwater “Gose-Gone-Wild” 4.3%abv RB100 22oz bottle 16.
GRIMM Artisanal Ales “Rainbow Dome” (dry hopped apricot sour)
         22oz bottle 5%abv RB97   18.
GRIMM Artisanal Ales “Super Shine” (Dry Hopped Gose)
        22oz bottle 4.7% 18.
Brouwerij Boon Oude Geuze ‘VAT 109’ –Belgium
       375ml bottle 8%abv 99RB 20. very limited (&awesome)

Ale/Amber Ale/Reds

Caldera ‘Ashland Amber’ Ca 5.4%abv 4.50
Killians Irish Red 3.50
New Belgium Brewing “Fat Tire Amber” 5.2%abv Co. 4.50

Strong Ale

Ubu Ale -Lake Placid 7%abv 4.50
Ommegang ‘Gnommegang’ Belgian Strong Pale
        92BA 9.5%abv 7.
Stone ‘Arrogant Bastard’ 7.2%abv 93BA 22oz 12.
Founder’s Old Curmudgeon (w/molasses)  –Mi 9.8%abv 7.50

Shiner Bock –Tx  3.50

Gluten Free
Steadfast Golden Blonde –Albany  5.5%abv 5. Gluten Free
Sapporo –Japan, Rice Beer 4. Gluten Free

Saison/Farmhouse Ale
Blaugies/Hill Farmstead ‘La Vermontoise’ 750ml  6%abv 19.
Stillwater ‘Stateside Saison’6.8%abv 5.
GRIMM Artisanal Ales ‘Neon Lights’ 22oz bottle 92RB 16.
Ommegang Hennepin 6.5% 7.

Leffe Brown 6.5%abv 6.
Stillwater Artisinal ‘Why can’t IBU?’ 5.7%abv 87BA 5.

Belgian Dubbel / Tripel  
Ommegang Abbey Ale  100BA  NY  93BA 8.2%abv 6.50
Allagash Tripel -Maine 9%abv 99RB  7.50

Scotch Ale

Dark Horse ‘Scotty Karate’ 9.75%abv 96BA –Mi. 6.
Dark Horse ‘Bourbon barrel Aged Scotty Karate’
                9.75%abv 100BA –Mi. 6.50

Hard Cider & other Brews

B.Nektar Meadery ‘The Dude’s Rug’ 6%abv –Mi. 16oz 9.
Not Your Father’s Root Beer 5%abv 4.50
Jed’s Hard Root Beer 5.9%abv 4.50
Nine Pin Cider –Albany 7.50
Nine Pin Ginger Cider –Albany 7.50
Crispin Pear Cider 4.
Crispin Cider 4.

Maine Beer Company  16.9oz btls $12 

Zoe  -Amber Ale   7.2%abv RB 99          
A Tiny Beautiful Something  -American Pale  5.5%abv RB 98    
Mo  -American Pale  99RB 6%abv     

Rye Pale Ale

Firestone Walker ‘Wookey Jack’ American Black Rye IPA
 -California  95BA 8.3% abv 22oz.  15.
Westbrook ‘One Claw’-S.Carolina  5.5%abv 5.50

IPA   (India Pale Ale)
Telegraph IPA –Cali 16oz can 6.6%abv 6.50
Almanac San Francisco IPA 6.5%abv 5.50
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA  -Delaware  5.50
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA –Delaware 7.50
Sixpoint Bengali IPA  -Brooklyn (16oz can) 7.50
Bell’s Two Hearted Ale - Michigan 7.1%abv  95BA 5.50
Ballast Point Sculpin –California 98BA 7%abv 6.
Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin 97BA 7%abv 6.
Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin 7%abv 6.
Founder’s All Day IPA 5.
Westbrook IPA –So. Carolina BA91 6.8%abv  6.
Westbrook Two Claw –So. Carolina RB94 7%abv 7.
Ithaca Flower Power –NY  4.50
Lord Hobo ‘Steal this Can’ ‘–Mass 6.4%abv 16oz  7.50
Ommegang Nirvana IPA 6.5% 5.50

Session/English/American Pale Ale
Cisco Whale’s Tail –Nantucket  5.6%abv  6.50
Bass Pale Ale –England 5%abv 4.
Butternuts Porkslap –NY 4.3%abv 4.
Old Slugger Pale Ale –Cooperstown 4.
Saranac Pale Ale 3.50
Two Roads ‘Lil’ Heaven’ 92/96RB 4.8%abv 5.50
Mikkeller ‘All Others Pale’ 97RB 6%abv –Denmark 8.

Double/Imperial IPA
Dogfish Head  ‘Burton Baton’  oak-aged Imperial IPA: 
                      -Del  94BA 10%abv  8.
Green Flash West Coast IPA 8.1%abv 100BA 7.
Founder’s Double Trouble –Mi 9.4%abv 93BA 7.50
Firestone Walker ‘Double Jack – Cali 9.5%abv 95BA  7.50
Westbrook Tiny Tornado –So. Carolina 9%abv 22oz bottle 12.
Dark Horse ‘Smells like a Safety Meeting’ –Mich 8.5%abv BA90  6.50
Captain Lawrence ‘Seeking Alpha’ –NY 11%abv 89BA  7.50

Brown Ale & Dark Ale
Newcastle - England  4.7%abv 4.
Dogfish Head ‘Palo Santo Marron’ (wood aged)
–Del 12%abv 93BA  10.
Dogfish Head ‘Indian Brown’ 95BA 7.2%abv –Del   7.
Ithaca Nut Brown Ale –NY  4.50
Brooklyn Brown –NY 5.6%abv 4.

Sierra Nevada Porter –Ca 5.6%abv 88BA 4.
Breckenridge Vanilla Porter –Colorado 5%abv 4.50
Bell’s Porter -Mi 96RB 5.6%abv 4.50
Shiner Birthday Beer Coffee Ale 5%abv

Milk Stout/ Oatmeal Stout
Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro –Colorado 95RB 6%abv 5.
Southern Tier Crme Brulee
                 Imperial Milk Stout –NY 10%abv 99RB 8.50
Bell’s Kalamazoo Milk Stout 5.
Keegan’s Joe Mama’s  Milk Stout –NY 8%abv 95RB 5.50
Sam Smith’s Oatmeal Stout –Eng.5% 95BA 8.
Brown’s Oatmeal Stout –Troy 5.25%abv 4.

Stout/Imperial Stout
Dogfish Head Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew 25oz  9%abv 99RB  18.
Leinenkugel Imperial Stout 9.5%abv 6.
Evil Twin ‘I Love You with my Stout’ –NY 12%abv 92BA 8.50
Evil Twin ‘Even more Jesus’ 12%abv 95BA NY 6.50
Evil Twin ‘Imperial Biscotti Break’ 12%abv 96BA NY 7.
Stillwater ‘On Fleek’ Imperial Stout 13%abv 7. RB99
Bear Republic ‘Big Bear Black Stout’ 92BA 8.1%abv Ca. 6.
Evil Twin | Westbrook:  Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake Break
    very limited:  100RB  10.5%abv  22oz bottle  24.
Westbrook Mexican Cake 22oz bottle RB100 10.5%abv 26.
      very limited …brewed with vanilla & hot pepper

Fruity Ale/Fruit Wheat beer/Shandys
Captain Lawrence ‘Autumn Blaze Pumpkin Ale” 5%abv –NY  4.50
GRIMM Artisanal Ales “Cherry Raspberry POP!” 5%abv 16.9oz  15.
Almanac “Mandarina” –tangerine farmhouse ale 4.3%abv 5.50
Abita Purple Haze  -New Orleans  5.
Magic Hat #9 -Burlington Vermont 4.
Founders Rbus (raspberry beer) –Mi. 5.7%abv 7.50
Wachusetts Blueberry 4.
Captain Lawrence ‘Effortless Grapefruit IPA’ 4.5% NY 4.

Guinness Irish Stout 6./pint

BELL’S  “Smitten” Michigan -  Golden Rye Ale 6%abv 6./pint

Woodland Farm Brewery –Marcy NY ‘Principia’ IPA 6.2%abv 6./pint

BELL’S HOPSLAM Michigan -   Double IPA with Honey 10%abv
100 Ratebeer.com  8. /10oz

Westbrook 6th Anniversary Hazelnut Chocolate Imperial Stout   
South Carolina 98 RateBeer.com  10%abv 8./10oz

Ommegang “Game of Thrones-Bend the Knee” Golden Honey Ale
98 RateBeer.com  9%abv 6./10oz

Founder’s Sumatra Mountain Brown Ale
Michigan Coffee Brown Ale 9%abv
96 RateBeer.com  7./10oz

Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout  KBS
Michigan, coffee/Vanilla/Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout
100 Beer advocate Top 50    11.2%abv 10. /10oz

Zero Gravity  “Conehead” IPA Vermont single hopped wheat IPA
95 RateBeer.com  5.7%abv 7. /pint

Jack’s Abby ‘Kiwi Rising’ Massachusetts double IPA
95 Beer advocate 8.5%abv 7. /pint

The Standards...
PBR 3.                                     
Utica Club   3.
Labatt Blue  3                       
Rolling Rock 3.                       
Coors Light 3.                        
Blue Moon 3.50       
Budweiser 3.                          
Bud Light 3.         
Michelob Ultra 3.
Corona -Mexico 4.               
NA- O’Douls 3.                 Buckler (Heineken NA)
Saranac Root Beer 3.     Cooper’s Cave Birch Beer 3.

Lager & Pilsner
Heineken – Netherlands 4.              
Stella Artois –Belgium 5.2%abv 4.    Red Stripe –Jamaica 4.7%abv 4.
Brooklyn Lager –Brooklyn 4.             Harp Lager –Ireland 4.
Saranac Adirondack Lager –Utica 3.50

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