The Dungeon Bar

yes, that's a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 23 yr old on the top shelf, try it before it's gone ! 

Revised Jan 20, 2018

Beer Ratings:

TNTR too-new-to-rate

%abv:   alcohol by volume

Guinness Irish Stout 6./pint

Maine Beer Company “Mean Old Tom” stout  
99:RateBeer  6.5% abv   8./10oz

Captain Lawrence Pumpkin Ale  Elmsford NY
5% abv  6./pint

Lord Hobo ‘BOOM Sauce Imperial IPA 92RB
7.8%abv  7. /pint

Collective Arts ‘Ransack the Universe’ IPA  98:RateBeer 6.8%abv  7./pint

GRIMM Artisan Ales ‘Secret Track’  NY – Farmhouse Saison/Grisette   4.8%abv 8. /10oz

GRIMM Artisan Ales ‘Lambo Door’  NY – Double IPA 8%abv 8. /10oz

Zero Gravity Craft Berery  ‘Conehead’ IPA
Vermont 5.7%abv  7./Pint

Winter Beer/ Oktoberfest
Sierra Nevada/Brauhaus Miltenberger
          Faust Oktoberfest 100RB 6.1%abv  6.

The Regulars
    PBR 3.                                      
    Utica Club   3.
Labatt Blue  3                        
Rolling Rock 3.                        
Coors Light 3.                         
Blue Moon 3.50        
Budweiser 3.                           
Bud Light 3.          
Michelob Ultra 3.
Corona -Mexico 4.                

NA- O’Douls 3.                 
Buckler (Heineken NA)
Saranac Root Beer 3.     
Saranac Ginger Beer 3.     

Lager & Pilsner
Heineken – Netherlands 4.               
Stella Artois –Belgium 5.2%abv 4.    
Red Stripe –Jamaica 4.7%abv 4.
Brooklyn Lager –Brooklyn 4.             
Harp Lager –Ireland 4.
Amstel Light – Netherlands 4.
Saranac Adirondack Lager –Utica 3.50

Strong Ale
Ubu Ale -Lake Placid 7%abv 4.50
Ommegang ‘Gnommegang’
      Belgian Strong Pale 92BA 9.5%abv 7.
Stone ‘Arrogant Bastard’ 7.2%abv 93BA 22oz 12.
Founder’s Old Curmudgeon (w/molasses)  –Mi          
        9.8%abv 7.50

Brown Ale & Dark Ale
Newcastle - England  4.7%abv 4.
Dogfish Head ‘Palo Santo Marron’ (wood aged)
–Del 12%abv 93BA  10.
Dogfish Head ‘Indian Brown’ 95BA 7.2%abv –Del   7.
Brooklyn Brown –NY 5.6%abv 4.

Sierra Nevada Porter –Ca 5.6%abv 88BA 4.
Breckenridge Vanilla Porter –Colorado 5%abv 4.50
Bell’s Porter -Mi 96RB 5.6%abv 4.50
Collective Arts –Ontario “STRANGER than FICTION””
       99RB top-50 5.5%abv 16oz can 8.

Stouts: Milk / Oatmeal / Chocolate
Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro –Colorado 95RB 6%abv 5.
Bell’s Kalamazoo Milk Stout 5.
Sam Smith’s Oatmeal Stout –Eng.5% 95BA 8.
Brown’s Oatmeal Stout –Troy 5.25%abv 4.
Young’s Double Chocolate Stout-England
        99RB 5.2%abv 16oz  8.

Stout / Imperial Stout
Evil Twin ‘Imperial Biscotti Break’ 12%abv 96BA NY 7.
Dogfish Head Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew
    25oz  9%abv 99RB  18.
Leinenkugel Imperial Stout 9.5%abv 6.
Evil Twin ‘I Love You with my Stout’ –NY
    12%abv 92BA 8.50
Evil Twin ‘Even more Jesus’ 12%abv 95BA NY 6.50
Stillwater ‘On Fleek’ Imperial Stout 13%abv 7. RB99
Bear Republic ‘Big Bear Black Stout’
    92BA 8.1%abv Ca. 6.
Evil Twin | Westbrook:  
    Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake Break
    very limited:  100RB  10.5%abv  22oz bottle  24.
GRIMM Artisanal Ales ‘Double Negative’
         22oz bottle 10%abv RB98 18.

Hard Cider & other Brews
Not Your Father’s Root Beer 5%abv 4.50
Jed’s Hard Root Beer 5.9%abv 4.50
Nine Pin Cider –Albany 7.50
Nine Pin Ginger Cider –Albany 7.50
Nine Pin Peach Tea Cider –Albany 7.50
Crispin Pear Cider 4.
Crispin Cider 4.
B.Nektar Meadery ‘The Dude’s Rug’
        6%abv –Mi. 16oz 9.

Stillwater Artisinal ‘Why can’t IBU?’ 5.7%abv 87BA 5.

Berliner Weisse
GRIMM artisanal Ales ‘Power Pop’ –dry hopped,  vanilla,     22oz bottle 4.8%abv 18.

Belgian Dubbel / Tripel   
Ommegang Abbey Ale  100BA 93BA 8.2%abv 6.50
Allagash Tripel -Maine 9%abv 99RB  7.50

Scotch Ale
Dark Horse ‘Scotty Karate’ 9.75%abv 96BA –Mi. 6.
Dark Horse ‘Bourbon barrel Aged Scotty Karate’
                9.75%abv 100BA –Mi. 6.50

Rye Pale Ale
Firestone Walker ‘Wookey Jack’
    American Black Rye IPA  -California  
    95BA 8.3% abv 22oz.  15.
Westbrook ‘One Claw’-S.Carolina  5.5%abv 5.50

IPA   (India Pale Ale)
Collective Arts –Ontario “Ransack the Universe”
       98RB 6.8%abv 16oz can 8.
Telegraph IPA –Cali 16oz can 6.6%abv 6.50
Almanac San Francisco IPA 6.5%abv 5.50
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA  -Delaware  5.50
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA –Delaware 7.50
Sixpoint Bengali IPA  -Brooklyn (16oz can) 7.50
Ballast Point Sculpin –California 98BA 7%abv 6.
Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin 97BA 7%abv 6.
Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin 7%abv 6.
Founder’s All Day IPA 5.
Westbrook IPA –So. Carolina BA91 6.8%abv  6.
Westbrook Two Claw –So. Carolina RB94 7%abv 7.
Dark Horse ‘Smells like a Safety Meeting’
     –Mich 8.5%abv BA90  6.50
Ithaca Flower Power –NY  4.50
Lord Hobo ‘Steal this Can’ ‘–Mass 6.4%abv 16oz  7.50

Session/English / American Pale Ale
Cisco Whale’s Tail –Nantucket  5.6%abv  6.50
Bass Pale Ale –England 5%abv 4.
Saranac Pale Ale 3.50
Two Roads ‘Lil’ Heaven’ 92/96RB 4.8%abv 5.50
Mikkeller ‘All Others Pale’ 97RB 6%abv –Denmark 8.
Maine Beer Company  16.9oz btls $12 
      A Tiny Beautiful Something  -American Pale  5.5%abv RB 98    

Double/Imperial IPA
Stillwater Wavvy Imperial IPA –Maryland
             8.0%abv 94RB 7.50
Dogfish Head  ‘Burton Baton’  oak-aged Imperial IPA:  
           -Del  94BA 10%abv  8.
Green Flash West Coast IPA 8.1%abv 100BA 7.
Founder’s Double Trouble –Mi 9.4%abv 93BA 7.50
Firestone Walker ‘Double Jack
       – Cali 9.5%abv 95BA  7.50

Gose / Sours / wild ale /Lambic
Westbrook Gose -S.Carolina  4%abv 96-ratebeer 6.50
Westbrook ‘Key Lime Pie Gose’ -S.C. Top 50  
    4%abv 96RB  6.50
Evil Twin ‘Sour Bikini’ –NY  3%abv 88BA 7.
Stillwater “Gose-Gone-Wild”
    4.3%abv RB100 22oz bottle 16.
Dogfish Head “SeaQuench Ale” 4.9%abv
     12oz can RB88   Kolsch/Gose/Berlinerweiss 4.50
GRIMM Artisanal Ales “VACAY””
    (dry hopped sour ale)
    22oz bottle 5%abv RB97   18.
Brouwerij Boon Oude Geuze ‘VAT 109’ –Belgium
       375ml bottle 8%abv 99RB 24. very limited   
Brouwerij Boon Oude Geuze Black Label –Belgium
       750ml bottle 6,4%abv 99RB 20. limited
GRIMM Artisanal Ales ‘Living Daylights’
     (dry hopped sour ale)
      22oz bottle 5%abv TNTR   18.
Brouwerij Lindemans Kriek 3.5%abv
     –Belgian Cherry Lambic 14.   750ml (wine bottle)
Brouwerij Lindemans Kriek “Cuvée René”  7%abv
     –Belgian Cherry Lambic RB97  20.   750ml (wine bottle)

Fruity Ale/Fruit Wheat beer/Shandys
Abita Purple Haze  -New Orleans  5.
Magic Hat #9 -Burlington Vermont 4.
Wachusetts Blueberry 4.
Captain Lawrence ‘Effortless Grapefruit IPA’
    4.5% NY 4.

American Double Imperial Pilsner
Jack’s Abby Mass Rising–Mass. 8%abv 95BA 8.

Witbier/Wheat Ale
Ommegang ‘Witte’ Belgian Wheat  5.2%abv  6.
Westbrook White Thai Witbier
           w/lemongrass/ginger 5% abv 7.
Allagash White –Maine  5% abv 91RB/99style  6.
Bell’s Oberon –Mi 5.8%abv 97RB-style 16oz. 6.
Mikkeller Wit Fit 6.2% 97RB-style –Pa. 6.

American Pale Wheat Ale
Lagunitas Lil’Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale   –Ca. 7.5%abv 94BA 6.

Long Trail Ale –Vt. 4.6%abv 4.

Mill House Brewing “Köld One”
       –NY. 4.6%abv 16oz can  6.

Ale/Amber Ale/Reds
Killians Irish Red 3.50

Shiner Bock –Tx  3.50

Gluten Free
Steadfast Golden Blonde –Albany  5.5%abv 5.
Sapporo –Japan, Rice Beer 4.

Saison/Farmhouse Ale
Blaugies/Hill Farmstead ‘La Vermontoise’ 750ml  6%abv 19.
Stillwater ‘Stateside Saison’6.8%abv 5.
GRIMM Artisanal Ales ‘Castling   22oz bottle 18.
Ommegang Hennepin 6.5% 7